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Never forget – 
always play.

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Akamu is Open Source. 
Take a look at the code.

Imagine if there was an app with which you could easily repeat your studies ...

... and compete with your fellow students.

That exists!

At Akamu you duel with other students on the topics of your studies and thus keep important contents in your memory for a long time.

Our Vision

Encourage students to engage with what they have learned through innovation and technology - in a fun and accessible way.

The Idea

Passing exams is an essential part of modern education, so that students' learning has shifted to passing the exams. Once an exam phase is over, the new semester soon begins and students concentrate on new modules. There is neither time nor motivation to deal with old material. Over time, more and more material from previous semesters is forgotten and replaced by new topics. Nevertheless, many of the new courses are mainly based on the fundamentals of previous courses. However, these are usually regarded as a prerequisite for understanding the new material and are not repeated, so that they have to be worked through again independently if necessary.
Keeping meaningful
knowledge alive
This problem is so human that it is even considered inevitable by many... At Akamu, we see it differently and have a simple solution: keeping students in touch with what they have already learned. And we make sure that this contact is fun and easily accessible for everyone.

Our Contribution

As a non-profit association at the TU Darmstadt, we work within the Akamu University Group to actively support students during their studies and thereby improve the educational level in general.

The App

With the Akamu App we have combined the popularity of quiz apps and the accessibility of mobile apps with the academic knowledge of students. In the Akamu game, students challenge each other in duels and answer questions on topics from past courses.
Select your own individual question pools, so that they cover all your study subjects perfectly!
Keep what you learned with Akamu!
Connecting students and lecturers
Lecturers often use exams to check what students have learned and retained during their course. However, what they remember after weeks, months or even years is usually not apparent to lecturers. Akamu generates useful information about students' learning success while remaining anonymous.
The Web Platform
This information can be evaluated on our website by the lecturers, which allows lecturers to find out which contents were particularly well retained and which less so.